Nancy Pelosi, you SUCK

Joker Pelosi
You Joker-faced little weasel – you coast into power riding on voters’ real discontent with the Powers-That-Be, then pull this shit: You appoint Rep. William Jefferson (D-Asshat of Louisiana) to the last seat on the Homeland Security Committee. This is the jerk who’s being investigated for bribery, who got caught with $90,000 cash in his freezer.

Let’s not also forget that she backed bribery-tainted Murtha for majority leader. You’ve been in office for eight weeks, and you’ve already screwed the pooch COMPLETELY with regards to your credibility.

Way to turn things around.

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Boston, you SUCK

OK Boston – sure, you’re a little nervous about the big bad terrorists. I know, I know, you’re secretly hoping something big happens so you can use all those toys you purchased with your Homeland Security money. But when you freak out over what amounts to a Lite Brite stuck to a wall, you cross the line into asshat territory.

ATHF 4 life.

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Yes. This inspires terror. For Sure.

Update: Hahhahahahahaa…..

Update #2:Man these guys are retarded .. now they’re blowing up traffic counters

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Anna Nicole Smith, you SUCK

Good Riddance
Seriously, WTF? Some blonde bimbo with the personality of a wet stack of newspapers dies and an entire news cycle is devoted to her. Isn’t there anything else to focus on? Headlines from over the past 24 hours:

Lawyer: Smith’s body to be preserved in baby dispute
Was Anna Nicole a modern-day Marilyn?
The day Anna Nicole Smith died
Gallery: Beauty mixed with tragedy
Sources: Prescription drugs found in Smith’s room
Anna Nicole charmed us
Investigators begin autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith
Cause of Anna Nicole Smith’s death investigated
Autopsy planned for Anna Nicole Smith
Smith’s death clouds TrimSpa’s future
Bodyguard tried to save Anna Nicole Smith

And these are in addition to CNN’s TV coverage on Nancy Grace, Larry King Live, Paula Zahn, and Glenn Beck. All of them dedicated their entire show to this gold-digging breast transportation vehicle. And this is one network. Fucking E are practically creaming themselves.

Update: Bimbo antidode

Update #2: Won’t it EVER FUCKING END It’s two weeks later, and I STILL can’t go two minutes without seeing a new article or show crying over this sorry bitch’s corpse. Seriously. Cut it the fuck out. No one cares.

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