Gravity light turns people into morons

This neat-looking but impractical light powered by a falling weight has popped up on just about every blog and backwater on the net, always resulting in the same thing. Within three or four posts, someone posts up the obvious fact that this thing can’t work as well as stated. There’s just not enough potential energy in the weight to produce the claimed light output for the claimed duration. In fact, it looks like you might be able to get two minutes if you’re the most optimistic person on the planet. A far cry from the four hours the inventor touts.

So it doesn’t work. Nice idea, but not going to happen.

But then come the morons like this genius from Digg, replying to a comment stating the obvious problem with the design:

Picture 1-5

It’s especially nice that he subtlety mocks a poster for mistyping the word secret. And at the time of the screenshot above, this fucker had nine diggs. People actually believed this bullshit. And there is more, oh so much more. For instance, the Digg headline actually is completely wrong, implying the gravity lamp will stay lit for two hundred years, while actually the inventor just says the mechanics will last 200 years.

And check out this wunderkind from Reddit’s huge thread, again, replying to someone pointing out the sad truth of this thing:
Picture 2-4

and this poor soul, typical of many posters:
Picture 3-1

Sigh. You just know these assholes are the same ones that think evolution is a scientific conspiracy and global warming will be nice because those winters are just so cold now. Can they all just fucking die?