Marc Fiszman, you SUCK!

Marc Fiszman , Douche Bag
Check out this douche bag software freedom fighter: he publicly posts a crack for Twitterific, an OS X Twitter client. See, he’s unhappy because iconfactory has the nerve to ask for $15 – or use it for free and watch some ads.


We’re not talking $500 or an app that doesn’t have a replacement and he’s a dirt poor pig-fucker. He just doesn’t think he should have to pay. And check out the asshole-in-chief space cadet-in-chief in action in the comments section of the crack announcement.

So, he’s an asshole, but check out this page. This is Seth Dillingham’s post about his campaign to get people to pay. Look at the discussion thread section at Marc’s comment (provided as a handy .png here in case it gets erased.)

Picture 1-4

Is he seriously threatening Seth’s server over this? Similar words were posted in the original comments section by him, so it appears genuine.

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