SunRocket and TeleBlend, you SUCK!

Fuck you assholes and your so-called service. One group of assholes screws you out of your money and silently turns off your phone (hope you didn’t need 911), then hands your service over to another company (TeleBendOver) who proceeds to lock you out of your own VOIP hardware so you have to buy new equipment if you want to move to another provider.

I hope you assholes end up in a prison next to the Enron folks.

5 thoughts on “SunRocket and TeleBlend, you SUCK!

  1. Taking calls all day and the queue is horrible. Find another provider and wait until Teleblend signs up new customers. I take calls all day and people like to wait and wait for issues to be resolved. Find another provider again I say! Quit wasting time and get an idea that sticks. VOIP is not as reliable as a lan line or cell phone so if you need a phone try one of those out. Teleblend billing and technical is so overpacked with tickets it is taking 2-3 weeks to fix issues!

  2. I waited over an hour on hold today to talk with a Teleblend rep so as to cancel service. I did this same thing 2 months ago but it didn’t work! They keep debiting my checking account! As soon as I said “I want to cancel service, please.”, HE HUNG UP!!! Now I am going to have to cancel my debit card in order to get these ASSHOLES from debiting my account! Waht a fucking nightmare! I want to strangle those people!

  3. I feel your pain. I’ve just had to get the credit card company on these guys. I’ve only spoken to a TeleBlend rep once (all other times, I’ve just been stuck on endless hold.) When I said I had called to cancel, we got “disconnected” and I’ve never been able to reach anyone since.

    My CC company called them with me on the line, and *they* couldn’t get through to customer service, their accounting department, or anyone else on a Wednesday morning. I seriously think that these idiots don’t really exist except to rip people off.

    And yes, these jerks are STILL FUCKING BILLING ME months after I’ve transferred my number elsewhere.

  4. Teleblend SUCKS. They are the worst excuse for a phone company EVER!!!!!! Is anyone even running the company???? I can’t get a single person to respond to my trouble tickets and customer service numbers puts me on hold forever!!


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